Power Flushing

Is your home’s central heating system working below par or getting noisier? Is your hot water supply getting more and more tepid? Are the power bills zooming higher than before? If so, your heating system may be in need of a power flush to clean out all of the accumulated sludge and corrosion deposits which are choking functionality.

Across Norwich, EPH Services provides efficient power flush services to remove sludgy deposits and restore your central heating to optimal working order. Post power flush, you get:

1. Warmer interiors
2. Dependable hot water
3. Lower fuel bills

As power flush pros, we recommend power flushing immediately before fitting a new boiler to your existing system to prevent noisy, subpar and costly central heating. We know from experience that most in-use systems hold corrosion and sludge inside even if the problems are less than apparent.


Our engineers connect power the flushing pump into the heating system to loosen and move out sludge and corrosion deposits. Then we force fresh clean water through the heating system that pushes out contaminated water and cleans out radiators for better heating and lower bills.

The comprehensive cleaning of the boiler will ensure its proper operation. Power flushing will increase the lifespan of your boiler.

Wherever you are in Norwich, give us a call at 01603 749357.