Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating saves space and is a cost and energy efficient solution to your heating requirements. Underfloor heating requires comparatively less hot water and that makes it an excellent option if you already have high efficiency boilers and heat pumps at home. With it, you don’t need bulky radiators and that frees up valuable home space for other uses.

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An underfloor heating system heats a room’s floor structure, which in turn warms the room itself. Hot water is passed through plastic/composite pipes installed in the floor that are routed back to a central manifold (typically one manifold per floor) which is used to distribute heat to specific rooms as and when required.

Compared to radiators or air blowers, underfloor heating produces gentler and more even heat distribution as it uses infrared radiation rather than convection. Added benefits of reduced convection are fewer draughts and less dust circulation. All in all, a cleaner, healthier, space and cost efficient heating option for your home!

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